The origins of G-STAKIS's professional career began at the age of 19 when he moved from his home town Boca Raton to the island of Rhodes, Greece. There he lived with the monks of Ios Nicholas Monastery as they taught him the 2,000 year old techniques of Byzantine Art. After two years of rigorous training and disciplined living, he was ordained an iconographer giving him the title of his two childhood heroes, Leonardo Da Vinci and Michael Angelo. 

He would learn a lot from the monks and their way of living, not just about art, but life and the important values and morals he would carry with him throughout life. Perhaps the best lesson he would learn, would be that of telling a story through art and cultivating the imagination to bring art from idea to form.

Today he continues his studies of philosophy, scriptures and ancient mythologies to better enhance his art and understanding for life. His work is sprinkled with hidden symbols and allegories to give it an extra flair of craftsmanship and deeper meaning.  

"Through my art I'm able to communicate a little of who I am to the world. So everything is thought out as a reflection of life and the struggles we face. I've always been fascinated by the balance between the material world we live in and the spiritual world we strive to understand ... my goal is to create a body of work that inspires people to see beyond the surface and into the unknown, a sort of picture book, of the times.